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Our newly merged company is the world’s largest distributor of live marine fishes, invertebrates, corals, and other marine animals we take pride in making only the best quality and variety of marine animals available to our wholesale customers worldwide.

With over 27 years of experience in the industry to draw from, we offer unsurpassed customer service from our 100,000+ gallon facility just blocks away from Los Angeles International Airport.

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Quality Assurance

ERI & SDC Animal Husbandry

With an experienced staff of biologists and aquatic specialists on hand, we place a premium on the health and quality of our animals. From delicate acclimation, advanced nutrition, sophisticated water monitoring, and water quality, we leave nothing to chance. Thousands of happy customers over decades of business are testament to our quality and value for money.

The World’s largest Marine Wholesaler


Exotic Reef Imports & Sea Dwelling Creatures are making a bold statement to support and develop aquaculture in the marine aquarium trade. With an extensive in-house coral propagation program already in place, we also acquire animals from numerous aquaculture facilities both in the US and abroad. Our list of aquacultured animals is ever-growing in diversity and numbers and we actively promote and support the distribution of cultured animals as well as research and development into breeding and rearing of new species. In addition, we have developed our own eco-friendly alternatives to wild products including our amazing EcoRock, a beautiful, realistic, 100% man-made alternative to wild live rock available in three varieties.

The Next Generation of Inventory and Fulfillment

ERI & SDC Merger

Our companies have invested heavily into state-of-the-art technology to bring you the very best shopping experience possible. Drawing from a managed inventory, we have married ERI’s unique “sushi-menu” style ordering user-interface with SDC’s proprietary fulfillment software.

The World’s largest Marine Wholesaler.

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